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Who manages this site?
This site is managed by Imobiliária Manuel Brancal, S.A.

How do I contact Imobiliária Manuel Brancal, S.A?
Tax Identification Number: 502076127; Head Office: Edifício IMB, Rampa do Jardim, Apt. 459, 6201-909 Covilhã, Portugal; Telephone: +351 275 313 727; Fax: +351 275 313 728; E-mail: dircom@naturaimbhotels.com

Are there booking fees?
No booking fees apply; prices include breakfast and VAT, at the applicable rate.

How are booking requests processed? 
After being entered in the system and availability confirmed, booking requests are sent to the IMB Group booking centre and processed by the hotels in question. Internal processes will then ensue.

How do I cancel a Booking? 
You may cancel a booking by sending an e-mail to dircom@naturaimbhotels.com. Please remember to include the transaction code.
No penalties will apply to bookings cancelled at least 7 days before the scheduled arrival date (by 12:00, local time). After this period, we will only refund 25% of the deposit. In cases where no regulations have been defined, the hotel reserves the right to apply the aforementioned penalty.

Will I get a refund if I’m not pleased with your Services?
We reserve the right to refuse refund requests concerning any services used. However, refunds will be considered in cases where such requests are justified.

How do I contact after-sales support or customer services?
You may contact these services through the following:
Address: Edifício IMB, Rampa do Jardim, Apt. 459, 6201-909 Covilhã 

Blue Line: 808 20 03 07 (Telephone)

How do I know my booking request will be processed? 
The Natura IMB Hotels Group takes its commitment to ensuring the quality of its services very seriously, including the services provided by the booking centre. Accordingly, the Natura IMB Hotels Group will do the utmost to make sure that your booking request is processed correctly and diligently, in a timely manner. Bookings are checked several times a day, in order to make sure that no confirmation e-mail has been left unsent. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact information provided or by e-mailing us at dircom@naturaimbhotels.com.

HL – Hotelaria e Turismo, Lda. - HOTEL LUSITÂNIA
Urbanização Qtª das Covas, Lote 34
6300-389 Guarda
Cont. 504 999 818
RNET 102

O consumidor pode recorrer a uma das entidades de Resolução Alternativa de Litígios de Consumo cujo nome, contactos e endereço dos sítios eletrónicos na Internet consta da lista de entidades depositada junto da Direcção do Consumidor. Para mais informações consultar Portal do Consumidor: www.consumidor.pt. (Lei n.º 144/2015 de 8 de Setembro obrigação de informar os clientes da existência de entidades de resolução alternativa de conflitos (RAL))