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Boasting a vast experience in this area, the Lusitânia Congress & Spa Hotel staff will make sure every event is a success.

Our facilities are suited to each and every event. Additionally, we provide a wide range of complementary services, including accommodation and meals, amongst other services.

Our experienced local partners allow us to provide a complete range of services and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

We are proud to operate in such a demanding segment and look forward to embracing the challenge of organising your next event.


Facilities and Services


Our Facilities & Services Department will spare no effort to make your next event a huge success. We take the utmost care in planning and organising each every event, by ensuring every single aspect is covered, from the most relevant items to the smallest details:


- Collection of information concerning all participants;
- Careful planning of the event programme;
- Coffee Breaks;
- Local Office service, available 24/7;
- Extra accommodation for guests.

A Dedicated Booking Centre
The Lusitânia Congress & Spa Hotel B2B Department focuses specifically on Groups, Meetings, Conferences, Seminars and Congresses, meeting all requests within 24 hours.


When required, an assistant will be available to supervise each event at all times and accompany guests during outdoor activities, restaurant meals, etc.

Subcontracting of Services
Our numerous business partners provide services in a wide range of areas, namely outdoor activities, cultural activities and entertainment.

Social & Family Programmes
Guests will be able to join the programmes suggested by our team, such as Guided Tours of the region, as well as enjoy our Entertainment Programme (available upon request), exercise, play sports and enjoy shows.

We Provide Assistance to Event Organisation Teams
We offer our assistance to event organisation teams by providing the required rooms, as well as meals, accommodation and technical support.

Baggage and Storage Rooms
A free storage area where guests will be able to store their baggage and/or any type of equipment will be available during the event.

Local Office Service
A local office service will be available during the event. You’ll be able to send and receive faxes and e-mails and photocopy documents, just like you would at your own office.

Personalised Events
We provide personalised items in order to make your event special, such as Individual Key Passes, banners, badges, menus. We also offer to place event signs inside the hotel. Moreover, we will advertise your event in the media, if required.

Account and Invoice Checking
You will be able to check your account and verify all amounts payable at the end of each day. Itemised invoices will be provided, including subcontracted services, for greater convenience.

You may also request the following items:
Room and Equipment Rental Fees
Menus and Catering Services

Room Diagrams
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