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Portugal’s highest city, known as the “5 F’s”: Forte, Farta, Fria, Fiel, Formosa (“Strong, Abundant, Cold, Loyal and Beautiful”). It is a destination of great historical and cultural interest that you don’t want to miss.

Guarda was noteworthy for its proximity to the Portuguese border with Spain and the historic kingdom of Castile and Leon, which led it to become an impregnable fortified town. Today we can still see the remains of the medieval walls and its cathedral-fortress.

The historic centre of the city also preserves authentic corners, with strong traces of the old medieval Jewish quarter, which remained active until the expulsion of the Jews in the 15th century.

Surrounded by the mountainous landscape of Serra da Estrela, Guarda is also an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding region. From here you can discover in peace and quiet the plant, animal and landscape diversity of this protected area or visit Portugal’s vast array of small historic villages, especially Almeida, Trancoso, Sortelha or Linhares da Beira.